Update from GEARS Corporate!!

As many of you are aware, the software system has been down and we're also sure you understand this was out of our control. We are still working on a solution and it's coming along pretty well however we haven't completed it as quickly as we first thought, this is a huge undertaking and requires us to create our own panel system from scratch. Whilst there may be other solutions we could have explored, we took the decision to create our own so NOTHING like this ever happens again and doesn't in-danger our customers ever again. As I explained, it's coming along pretty well and we have the most important functions nearly completed however it's not quite ready yet. As such, ALL ACCOUNTS that expires BEFORE Wednesday 25th @ 5am EST have been extended again for FREE to make sure no accounts expire/terminate as we understand this isn't your fault and customers should not be punished. We hope EVERYONE understands, and if you've been around long enough you should have enough faith in us by now... we will not leave customers or re-sellers hanging, so just hold tight we are doing everything we can as quickly as possible.

Sincerely, GEARS Corporate!!