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Jon Milbourn / 09.19.2020, 04:23 PM

+0 -0

10.0 "idk Who helped me but it was Saturday and I feel they went out of their way to dig into my account and figure out my problem hopefully you look into my emails and find this employee and reward them"

  • +Who ever helped me is awesome
  • -Seemed hard to get ahold of someone to help me

PJ / 07.31.2020, 04:09 PM

+0 -0

10.0 "I have used these guys for the past couple of years and their services have been nothing less then exceptional. For those few instances when I had an issue they responded to ticket almost immediatel"

  • +Outstanding customer service.
  • -Nothing that comes to mind

Tom Scheiderer / 05.31.2020, 07:11 PM

+1 -0

10.0 "Great IPTV products. Have several to choose from depending on your needs. In addition also offer several other types of products. All at very reasonable prices’ Have great customer service 24/7. Very "

  • +Great Customer Service 24/7. All reps are very friendly and knowledgeable. Quick response’ Easy to work with and very helpful.
    Offer several IPTV services. If one goes down they ogive you another free for at least 24 hours and longer if required while repairs are made.
    Definitely recommend them.
  • -Have no cons.

Tom Scheiderer / 04.30.2020, 11:28 PM

+1 -0

10.0 "IMARKETZONE IPTV products are excellent. "

  • +Offer several different packages. If you are having problems with your service they will give you access to another while the problem is being resolved. Outstanding customer service. Always respond quickly. Highly recommend theme as a IPTV provider.
  • -None

Ryan M / 04.10.2020, 04:35 PM

+1 -0

10.0 "great"

  • +Ordered a service from site had a problem and was quickly fixed by customer service
  • -Non

Devon munroe / 03.09.2020, 08:06 PM

+1 -0

10.0 "I am not typically a person to offer reviews weather is be good/horrible service but I am making an exception to my rule. Furthermore, I have been fortunate to encounter Ms Kathleen, in times of my fu"

  • +Great personality
  • -None

Judy / 02.29.2020, 09:39 PM

+1 -0

10.0 "Customer Service"

  • +Brad was a great representative and he walked me through the latest updated and stayed with me the entire time. great customer servicie
  • -None

James Blount / 02.13.2020, 08:58 AM

+2 -0

10.0 "Kathleen was very professional and courteous and very knowledgeable of my questions"

  • +Excellent customer service and very patient thank you!
  • -Sometimes it may take a day or two to get it returned call

Louis / 02.12.2020, 11:24 PM

+1 -0

10.0 "Kathleen was great to work with. Excellent customer service.!"

  • +Needed to get a couple of quick questions answered and was not disappointed. Thanks for your help
  • -None

Andy Firosz / 02.12.2020, 01:55 AM

+2 -0

10.0 "Kathleen had helped me. She was very helpful and very professional. I was very happy with everything. She help with me. I think she needs a raise."

  • + Kathleen had help me with my problems. She has an awesome employee. I own a small business and I would love to have an employee. This is helpful as she was. Thank you. So.
  • -Kathleen was just absolutely fantastic. There were no cons to my experience with your employee. Thank you. Once again.

Matt Pore / 02.07.2020, 11:39 PM

+1 -0

10.0 "Customer Service with Kathleen Brown was EXCELLENT! Could not be happier with her professionalism. "

  • +Great Quality HD
  • -None

Patricia / 11.07.2019, 11:26 PM

+3 -0

7.3 "I set up for auto pay and every month I have to call in because my service gets turned off.. "

  • +I like the customer service because I talk to antwone every month

    From Admin: Hello Patricia, please reach out to tech support if your still having this problem.
  • -Auto pay never works

Charity Gutierrez / 11.02.2019, 11:19 AM

+1 -0

8.0 "Mediocre"

  • +Good channels
  • -Always problems with my log in

    From Admin: Hello Charity, please reach out to tech support if your still having this problem.

Tim Patton / 10.27.2019, 11:23 PM

+2 -0

10.0 ">Excellent 6 out of 5 Stars!!"

  • +I’ve had only three minor issues since I became a customer and all three turned out to be errors on my part. Anyhow they were quick to help me those times so I’m confident that they will be there when a serious problem.
  • -None

Ria / 10.20.2019, 04:29 PM

+2 -0

10.0 "I can say, I’ve NEVER had any problems with this company as a matter of fact they got me up n running within minutes once I began my service again. Even on Sunday football day they were here for me. "

  • +Great team that Grears has behind them.
  • -None.

Staci WIlliams / 10.12.2019, 05:32 PM

+4 -0

10.0 "Five Star on all counts"

  • +You will be mad it took you this long to find DeAndre and GearsTV!
    I absolutely love the service and DeAndre has been there for me 100%!
  • -No complaints whatsoever. An excellent menu and service!

Richard Pancione / 10.09.2019, 10:55 AM

+4 -0

10.0 "I had an issue with MT pro guide. I reached out to this website via email.They replied with a number of steps to try. Worked like a charm. Im very happy. "

  • +They responded with email in a short time. They admitted it was there program and why.They offered options to run another iptv service or a refund. Following email which was rite behind this one they had instructions to follow certain steps and it worked like a charm. Excellent customer service and in very happy to get my mt pro guide working along with my gears tv. I am lost without my guide so very happy and big thank you to customer service.
  • -Well i would say it’s unfortunate to have problems to begin with. As a paying customer we shouldn’t have any issues.

Charles Dagostin / 10.06.2019, 07:11 PM

+2 -0

10.0 "Amazing Service"

  • +Amazing Tv Guide, Channelsloss Super Quick, accurate channel guide info! Also shows which channels are 1080p and 720p
  • -Can’t load on IOS Devices

Kim Pettigrew / 10.01.2019, 11:57 PM

+2 -2

4.7 "Horrible Customer Service"

  • +I like all of the channels.
  • -TLC channel never worked right.

    I’ve sent numerous emails in the last 2 weeks for customer support. My emails were never read thoroughly, and most questions never answered. One reply email was very unprofessional. I need a manager to read ALL of my service tickets thoroughly, and contact me.

    Response from Admin: We're really sorry you feel this way, and we strive to provide quality customer service to everyone. However, after looking at your ticket history we see that you requested for us to cancel your service and issue you a refund because of the recent updates with "ALL PROVIDERS", it was taking us too long to activate some accounts for our customers.

    Again, we do apologize for the inconvenience and your always welcome to re-subscribe if you choose.

Gene Lally / 09.29.2019, 12:36 AM

+2 -0

10.0 "I have been with you guys and gals for about a year and a half and this is getting better as each month passes. Keep doing what you do. Please!"

  • +The channel line-up is unbelievable. If you can not find something to watch here then you have a problem. I love dealing with you guys on the phone when I think I have a problem and within minutes everything is ok. Who ever is on top knows what the people want and he or she delivers. Thank you for everything. I seriously mean that.
  • -I don't know if this qualifies for a con . I would love to see more local channels. When something seriously happens its great to go the the local channels in the area to get more details. They know the area and the local people. Also, I love watching remote feeds when they are waiting to go live. Sometimes that is funny to watch. Just a thought.